The First Color Wheel                     8.5" x 11"     M.M. on paper.

My Ongoing Guerrilla Art Project

My proposal for a stained glass window in the R&R Hall of Fame.  11" x 17"   Stained glass paper on plastic.

Six drawings from "Leonardo's Lost Notebook"- "The First D.C. Player"     22" x 30"  M.M. on Arches paper   By utilizing the built-in sound retaining property of a large seashell, then attaching papyrus reeds via pieces of animal intestine, funnel the captured sound of the musical group, into smaller shells, which can be sold on the streets to passing music lover customers, who can then carry or wear the shell around their neck, to listen to music at will; thus, the first portable DC, (DaVinci Compact) player.

"The First ATV"       22" x 30" M.M. on Arches paper     Once aboard this large, solid wood wheel, with it's embedded metal treads and saddle, rider, using voice commands to direct the "low to the ground" dog team, could ride across or through most any terrain. The painted balance beam, with lighted candle and reflective abalone shell, permits night driving as well. Beam also serves as catapult for quick dismounts during, or at the end of journey. Comes in three foot rest models- Doric, (as shown here), Ionic, or Corinthian.

"The First Slot Machine"     22" x 30"    M.M. on Arches paper    Inspired while eating and noticing the placement of salami on his pizza, Leonardo designed a gear mechanism that, once encased, incorporated a three-wheel crank-type game of chance. The patron would insert one maravidi, then crank the handle. Once the three wheels inside were turning, the bartender would insert, in succession, three "break" pins; stopping each of the spinning wheels. Painted image on each wheel would randomly determine the patron's success or failure at winning the maravidis inside the box. Levels of frustration and likely injuries, are also included in the drawing.

"The One-Man Fish Harvester"         22" x 30"  M.M. on Arches paper      After a closer examination of his winged flying machine, and realizing that once he strapped the device on, then jumped off the local bell tower to begin his maiden flight, he would likely break every friggin' bone in his body, Leonardo re-designed the frame; turning it into the first one-man fish harvester, where a fisherman could use his leg power to propel himself straight through the water while trolling eight baited fishing poles. Once each pole snagged a fish, the fisherman could stop and collect his catch.

"Revenue Enhansing Device- The First Water-Powered Parking Meter."       22" x 30"   M.M. on Arches.   A 72" x 12" x 12" wooden box with two leather bladders inside, (one full of water, the other empty), and a wood/leather sprocket-type gear, allowed patrons to insert one maravidi; thus opening the water-filled bladder on top; allowing the water to flow into the lower bladder at a constant rate; simultaneously raising the time indicator stick. Once the red section of the stick was visible to the patrolling meter maid, she would unhitch the horse from the cart and ride it to the impound lot, where the feeding and storage of said animal was five maravidis per hour.

"Wash Woman's Pal"- A Multi-purpose Device." 22" x 30"   M.M. on Arches       A stationary wooden bicycle hooked up to a series of wooden gears, could serve as both a weight-loss device, while simultaneously providing agitation power for washing clothes, a constantly rotating clothes line, a fan-type cooling device for the rider, and a timed garden irrigator, where the level of the water inside the tub would regulate the distance of the irrigation sprinkler spray.

"Big Bang Theory"                                            72" x 96"                                        M.M. on canvas.

"Leonardo's 3 O'clock Jump"                                   72" x 96"                  M.M. on canvas.

"Solving For "X"                                         96" x 120"                        M.M. on canvas.

"Rocket Man" (used as cover for SFAI 1980 School catalog.) 48" x 192" M.M. on TYVEK.

"Kandinsky's 115th. Dream" 48" x 192" M.M. on TYVEK.

"Tonto Tries His Hand At Abstract Expressionism." 48" x 192" M.M. on TYVEK.

The Venus Bienniale 12" x 17" Paper collage. $250+ shipping.

Math & Science Making Adjustments On The Universe. 12" x 17" paper collage.

"Slave Runner Ship Arriving." 12" x 17" Paper collage.

"Unatomy" (The instant of death/My protest against all war.) 22" x 30" M.M. on Arches.