Thanks for looking at my work over the past few months!

I do multimedia works; letters, numbers, symbols, formulas, and my own handwriting as subject matter.

"Straitjacket Poetry" (From the series.) 29" x 40" Prismacolor on Arches paper.

"Abstracomics" 17" x 22" M.M. on copy machine paper.

In 1979, I collected discarded billboard tatters from dumpsters behing the DONREY Advertising companies in S.F. and Reno. 29 years later,I finally sorted through the six trash liner bags of tatters and other collected pieces of colored paper, to produce 20 mixed media collages; some of which are seen...8 works from "The Billboard Series" in shadow box frames. Mixed Media.

From the "Billboard Series" 8.5" x 11" M.M.(Paint,glue,string,stencils, tatters) I have an ongoing collection of colored paper which I use as source material.

"Blues Boy" (after Gainsborough painting "Blue Boy") 8.5" x 11"   M.M.

From "The Billboard Series"         8.5" x 11"                Mixed Media         (2008)

From the "Billboard Series" 8.5" x 11" M.M./billboard tatters.

From the "Billboard Series" 8.5" x 11" M.M. billboard tatters

From the "Free Verse" Series       29" x 41"                Mixed Media on Arches paper  (2001)

From the "Free Verse" series       29" x 41"              Mixed Media on Arches paper   (2001)

"Free Verse #3"                                                          29" x 41"              M.M on Arches    2001

I took this photo in 1972- Freight building in Reno, NV

"An Espresso Coffee Table Book Experience." This 50-page multimedia book-in-a-box includes works on and of paper; from iron-on images to short stories I wrote. It also includes 3 electric guitar instrumentals I recorded in GarageBand/LogicPro9, and a short video I made in iMovie.The inside lid is a mixed media collage.

"Open Studio"                   14" x 18" x  3"                             Mixed Media in cigar box.